The Dream Ascension

by Drop The Silence

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First studio album from the mexican Deathcore band "Drop The Silence"

Recorded at Illicit Sound Studio
Mixed and Mastered at Black Book Sound Studio

Drop the Silence is:

Luis- Vocals
Raul-Lead guitar
Alejandro 1-Rhythm guitar
Alejandro 2-Bass

Music by Raul Alvarez

All rights reserved


released June 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Drop The Silence D.F., Mexico

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Track Name: Into Disgrace
Into Disgrace

For so long I’ve been awakened
By the curse of this darkness
She pulled me down withering
All of my hopes and dreams
Hollowing my insides stealing every breath i could take
I broke my own fall to keep you alive

She’ll suffer, for this sky
Just enough to stop breathing
Holding tight your frail necklace
She’ll suffer for this sky

Into disgrace we’ll

Waking up from this dream, I cherished you once to death, and now
Bitter by all of your lies
Quickly I watched you fade away from my hands
Your kiss wont fucking last enough
To save your memory
The wind it blown away
All moments I once
Perfectly had of you

When you’re staring to the sky
I’ll come and watch away
The day, you walk into your death

Never again x2

Once again, I’ll curse your name
From your lies, that won’t come true
And a promise that lays broken
All the blood we spilled for you

And my desire
For your fucking flesh
Tonight your life will be
Taken by this knife
Finally you’ll be mine
She made me fall now
I will drag you back
To hell with me
Track Name: Sink or Swim
Sink or Swim

Withdraw your anger, this has just began
Breath in, the blood at your feet
Defeat, the feeling of fear
Release, the warrior within
No choice, no way back

Survivor philosophy
Dead end, to kill or be killed
Take charge, no ruth for the weak
Your nerve, defines you

Blood stained fields
Irruption, filth and waste
Deaths notion
Nonstop ache
Absurd to stay alive
It’s useless
Soul’s broken
Resign now
I´ll tell them not today

It’s sink or swim
Get up
Get up now
Get up
Don’t stop fighting
Get up
Own this war
Get up now
Those who live are those who fight
Death strike

Succeed, you sent them to hell
Believe, you’re big as you’ll be
Tonight, we praise your success
Glory, to your name
Greatness, awaits you back home
Your tale will always be known
Mighty, hallowed be thy name
Legend, you have become

All united x 3

Fight life with life
Track Name: Hooligans

Kill x 12

Tonight we give it all
We fight till death
Your pain is what we crave
No one can stop us so
Don’t try to run
There’s no hiding from us
We are here for blood
And blood is what we are gonna get

You must face your death
Coz you won’t survive
Always stand your ground
Keep on fighting till you are down
Now you just realize
Tonight’s your last

There won’t be mercy for you

This is life, is what we do, don’t mess with us
Violence is all we know, you know its true

Keep them coming
You’re no match for us you fucking bitch

Let disturbance grow on you
Earn the right to live your life
Respect is all that matters now
We’re strong enough to rip the world apart

You may all go to hell
We’ll be there reigning too
No one can keep us from getting what we want

Fight for blood
For respect
Fight for family

Crush them
Track Name: Death Must be a Pleasure
Death must be a pleasure

Open your eyes, fear nothing
Stay strong, stay strong
This one’s for all of those who wonder what is next to the end
The supreme comfort, you cannot fear your nature
Death is part of life, is the one thing you cannot escape

Forget all your suffering
You’re ascending to a new path, don’t be scared
You should be wondering if death must be a pleasure
Yes death’s a fucking pleasure

The pain creeps down your spine
The clock's ticking in the background
Close your eyes and try to find me
Beyond infinity
I will give you a simple answer
For I’m the closest to divine
This is it, your time is up

Choose now, sacrifice
Forget your hopes and dreams
Just rest in death’s comfort
To leave it all behind
Choose now sacrifice
Your beliefs won’t matter this time
This is just a new beginning
The beginning of demise
Another chance to rise
In a way you never thought
Eternal rest?
One of a thousand lies
Your grief will end
Your soul will heal
Be supreme, be one with death
Be the light that guides us all


Enlightened I’ll be, like death
The thief of your breath
Your life is mine
I’m the king of demise
There’s no way out, you’re doomed
You can’t destroy me
Don’t even try
I’m the king of demise

Death x4
So join us now be one with death

Try and stay strong, coz life is fucking war
In the end death will own us all again

Now’s your time
To finally fight your fears out
Leave it all behind
Take advantage of this instant
The time has come
Will you stand and fight by our side?
You will stand for us
And we will stand for you

Reload your guns
Let’s make it rain in this fucking hell
The weak will fall
Let’s give them all the pleasure of death
You will survive
And we will dance next to their graves
We will prevail
Among their lifeless corpses
To kill again
Track Name: Survivor

Are you alive?!

Dreadful cries and moans wake you from a nightmare
Better to stay aware
Paranoia crawls into your brain
No place is safe you are trapped in the city of death

Rotten faces chase you, craving your flesh
One bite and you’ll become one of them
Hide and run, put a bullet in their faces
No place is safe you are trapped in the city of death

No help, you’re on your own tonight
Load your gun, take a breath
They will come for you, stay alert
Fight back, keep up your guard

Fire and smoke, all around
And the smell of death, always there
Suffocating fumes, hold your breath
Mutilated bodies lay on the bloodstained ground
Putrid flesh, it’s all you will see
Bloodshot eyes staring right at you
Get away, before it’s too late

Four rounds left, gotta make them count
Don’t look back, this is hell on earth

This place is doomed, you gotta get away
It’s hopeless, lost souls, innocents
Eternity in hell
This disease brings people back to life
Disgraceful, makes them animals,
Takes their humanity away

Lost, afraid, confused
The feeling of uselessness rises

Ripped to shreds, going insane
Madness takes over your mind
Crawl into the dark, it won’t fade away
Get up you are not dead not yet

Afraid, confused
The feeling of uselessness rises
Crawl into the dark, it won’t fade away
Get up you are not dead yet

Don’t let the madness consume you
Rise up and find a way out
You’ve been left behind in this dreadful place
The nightmare is about to end

Rise up and find a way out
The nightmare is about to end
Move on, sink or swim
Track Name: Aletta Ocean
Aletta Ocean

Off with her head

Nothing is left for sinners like you
The temple you hold, is rotten inside
Infected by selfishness
Now you are condemned, to eternal grief
Beholding disgrace
Distress forever

Impurity at her temple, her beauty is set to die
Lies dying on your lips false feelings and flies will be
Ornaments for your, lonely tomb
For every night of pleasure I’ll bring endless torment to your soul

Choke on my hate, you fucking slut and drown in pain x4

I’ll give you something you just, cannot swallow
I’ll bring you pain and you wont find it so pleasing

Living thru
Carnal pleasure, you devastated your fate
Your dead dreams, hidden inside will be your only console

Your mask will fall
Sodomised dreams and lives
You will envy death
I’ll final find joy
Watching you falling apart

Nothing is left for sinners like you,
The temple you hold is rotten inside
Infected by selfishness
Now you are condemned, to eternal grief
Beholding disgrace
Distress forever

Sinking in regret
This is your last for i wont
Show you mercy

Always on your knees now you’ll
Beg for mercy
But your filthy mouth won’t help you out
This time

And your mourning turned into
Terrifying screams
My joy comes from your
Just waiting to die
Track Name: The Dream Ascension
Dream Ascension

Trapped inside

You are lost, life’s a mess
Nothing pleases you, you feel dead
Lost, you stopped living
Faith, trapped in your mind
You drown every night,
Chugging bottles, burning out
Guilt, self-destruction
Grief, abolition
Collapsed, thinking dead
Broken spirit , makes no sense
So overlooked

You’re on your knees
Regretting all your wrongs in life
A life full of pain
Blaming everyone around
Aint gotta be like this
There’s always one way out
Same dream, every night
Brings you thoughts of suicide

Think twice
You can fight it
It’s in your mind
Face your ghosts
Torn them up

Negative energy
Runs your body
Runs your mind
Cleanse your psique
Dawn of spiritual life

Release tension inside
It’s not an easy path
Work your dreams, it’s a start
Nightmares come, need to end them
This will lead to a new state
Positive existence
Higher self
Reach perfection
Wake up, feel the change

Face your fears
Defeat your hell

Vivid dream landscape
Embrace it free your mind
Fragments of your life
It changes every night

Violent vicious life
Infected by design
Time to make it right
It makes you who you are

Wild dreams wild self
Under your skin
Within yourself
Dreadful wasteland
On and on again