Death Must be a Pleasure

from by Drop The Silence

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Fourth track from Drop the Silence's "The Dream Ascension"


Death must be a pleasure

Open your eyes, fear nothing
Stay strong, stay strong
This one’s for all of those who wonder what is next to the end
The supreme comfort, you cannot fear your nature
Death is part of life, is the one thing you cannot escape

Forget all your suffering
You’re ascending to a new path, don’t be scared
You should be wondering if death must be a pleasure
Yes death’s a fucking pleasure

The pain creeps down your spine
The clock's ticking in the background
Close your eyes and try to find me
Beyond infinity
I will give you a simple answer
For I’m the closest to divine
This is it, your time is up

Choose now, sacrifice
Forget your hopes and dreams
Just rest in death’s comfort
To leave it all behind
Choose now sacrifice
Your beliefs won’t matter this time
This is just a new beginning
The beginning of demise
Another chance to rise
In a way you never thought
Eternal rest?
One of a thousand lies
Your grief will end
Your soul will heal
Be supreme, be one with death
Be the light that guides us all


Enlightened I’ll be, like death
The thief of your breath
Your life is mine
I’m the king of demise
There’s no way out, you’re doomed
You can’t destroy me
Don’t even try
I’m the king of demise

Death x4
So join us now be one with death

Try and stay strong, coz life is fucking war
In the end death will own us all again

Now’s your time
To finally fight your fears out
Leave it all behind
Take advantage of this instant
The time has come
Will you stand and fight by our side?
You will stand for us
And we will stand for you

Reload your guns
Let’s make it rain in this fucking hell
The weak will fall
Let’s give them all the pleasure of death
You will survive
And we will dance next to their graves
We will prevail
Among their lifeless corpses
To kill again


from The Dream Ascension, released June 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Drop The Silence D.F., Mexico

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